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Hi! We're Kandice Lee Dougherty and Stephanie Breckbill. We're home stagers in the Denver metro area, but we believe in abundance and collaboration over competition, and we're here to share our collective knowledge with you. We aim to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to sell a home, providing practical tips and advice on how to make a property more attractive to potential buyers through effective staging. By sharing our expertise and experience, we hope to help listeners achieve their home selling goals and get the best possible outcome in the home selling process.

Meet Kandice

I am the owner of Kandice Lee Designs. I spent most of my life in education teaching kids of all ages. I loved it but I wasn't feeling very appreciated emotionally or financially.  I needed a change. I had always said that I would love to be a stager and God led me to a way to make that switch. I jumped in and pushed my fear of failure away, trained for it and prepared my business. Now I am  still using my skills in teaching but my students are much taller and what I'm educating them on can help them financially in a positive way! 

Meet Stephanie

I'm the owner of slb design co. My mission is to make wellness-focused staging and design accessible to everyone.

If you're selling a home, I can help you not only attract buyers but also create a space that promotes well-being, reducing stress in the process. If you're not moving, I offer services that go beyond aesthetics. We'll select colors, finishes, and provide design boards with a wellness-centric approach to create a home that supports your health and happiness. Whether you've lived in your home for years and need a wellness refresh or you've just moved in and want to ensure your space aligns with your well-being goals, a design or color consultation is the solution. We'll use your furniture and accessories to craft a space that not only reflects your unique style but also surrounds you with elements that enhance your overall wellness.

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